Aero Armor™


An enhanced line of aircraft protection film used to protect aircraft surfaces from contamination and erosion that impede airborne weather radar performance, exterior antennae performance, and degraded paint on leading edge surfaces from bugs and other debris.

The Aero Armor™ Radome and Antennae lines are offered in pre-formed condition and available for most every business and general aviation aircraft nose or radome surface. It does not require formal approval to be installed.

Offered in a variety of widths, Aero Armor™ Edge Tape can be applied to any aircraft leading-edge surface; from wheel pants to wings and tails.

Aero Armor™ is superior to any other protective film product on the market. It is remarkable in its durability and easy maintenance. Offering protection to radome and antennae surfaces, Aero Armor™ keeps aircraft electronic performance at its peak and flying safer overall.

Installed, it is nearly unnoticeable and will never turn yellow like some competing products.

Skandia is the only supplier of erosion protection products to have FAA-PMA approval.

Rain • Wind • Dust • Sand • FOD • Bugs

Are always attacking your aircraft's surface

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A new generation of aircraft exterior protection technology

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Aircraft radome and leading edge surface erosion can be prevented

  • Bug Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Superb Clarity
  • Optimum Thinness
  • UV stable
  • Simple installation
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High Performance Protection Film

Typical Physical Properties
Adhesive Thickness (PSTC-133)2.0 MIL Acrylic PSA
Product Thickness12 MIL Clear Urethane (Non-Yellowing)
Tensile - PSI1740
Elongation - Percent200%
Outdoor Weathering - 24 MonthsPASS
Arizona 45° South ExposureNo Significant Change in Gloss
No Significant Change in Adhesive
No Cracking or Glazing
Skandia Antenna


Paint and surface erosion degrade antenna and electronic perfomance.

Skandia Edge Tape

Edge Tape

Damaged and eroded painted surfaces look terrible, become difficult to clean as well as reduce airflow and fuel efficiency.

Skandia Radome


Paint and surface erosion degrade airborne weather radar and electronic perfomance.


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