About Skandia


Making Aircraft Quieter, Safer and More Comfortable.

Skandia is a leading aircraft interiors specialist providing innovative product
and expert services to the aviation industry since 1983.

Our experienced team can assist with every aspect of aircraft interior completions,  acoustic solutions, flammability testing and certification, foam and upholstery supplies along with foam fabrication and exterior aircraft protection.

We also offer specialized engineering and manufacturing programs to OEMs, interior modification and refurbishment centers as well as airlines around the world.

Customer service, innovative products and knowledgeable staff make Skandia an industry leader as demonstrated with these significant designations:

  • FAA Recognized Flammability Testing Laboratory
  • FAA Flotation Testing for C72c with production Approval TSO(a)
  • OEM Approved Supplier Status Worldwide
  • Experienced Staff of DERs and DARs
  • Airbus & Boeing Approved Test Lab

Flammability Testing and Certification

Comprehensive Capabilities

Meeting ever-changing global flammability testing requirements can be an expensive and time-consuming task. That’s why business and commercial aircraft manufacturers and leading completion centers come to Skandia first. From writing approved test plans to performing burn procedures, all testing is performed to FAA/EASA standards in our state-of-the-art burn labs by highly trained technicians. To help save time and money, our in-house DERs and DARs have the authority to perform conformity inspections and issue 8110-3 flammability certifications.

Acoustic Solutions

Data Dictates Design

By combining engineering analysis with state of the art material technology, Skandia delivers significant, qualified soundproofing results.

In acoustic and soundproof engineering, Skandia combines the latest technological advancements and innovations to reduce weight and maximize performance.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, Skandia engineers perform sound frequency tests in order to establish an aircraft’s unique acoustical signature while in all phases of flight.

Supported by an in-house team of DERs and DARs that efficiently respond to our diverse acoustic customer base including major OEMs, completion and modification centers, as well as private aircraft owners and upholstery shops.

Foam/DAX® Foam

In Stock, Ready to Ship Same Day

Skandia offers a wide variety of aviation grade seating and cabin foam including HR Poly, Confor and Aerolite.

We are the world's exclusive distributor of DAX® Firehard foams.

Engineering the exact shape, fit and degree of comfort is what we do.

With our large inventory of pre-stocked foam, if you order today it ships today.

Foam Fabrication Programs

Accurate High Volume Production

Why do so many major aircraft manufacturers, operators and modification shops come to Skandia for their seat foam and cushion manufacturing? It’s as simple as high value and higher quality. Our teams of craftsmen are equipped with the latest and most advanced CNC equipment enabling them to create components in just about any shape, style, or density you can imagine. All within the tightest tolerances and highest consistency.

Whether it’s one seat or 1,000 you can feel the Skandia difference.

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