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Value Added Commercial Services

Premium Class Seating Foam / Streamline Cushions & Replacement Cushions / Flammability Engineering, Testing and Certification.

As a global leader, Skandia delivers Commercial operators with:

  • Lower System Cost
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Streamlined Supply Chain

All while reducing risk and improving your operations

Aviation Grade Foam and Soft Goods

The quality passengers expect, the value you demand

Diverse foam and soft good selection

Skandia offers a wide variety of aviation grade seating and finishing foams that can be ordered in bulk. Or partner with your team to access our expert design and fabrication services. Our foams include:

  • DAX® Firehard Foam
  • HR Poly Foam
  • Confor Foam
  • Aerolite Foam
Dax Foam Soft Goods

A Supplier of DAX® Foam

DAX® Foam’s superior performance makes it the best choice for aircraft seats. Consistent dynamic performance reduces certification risks. Exceptional durability makes for easier manufacturing that brings efficiency to any sitting configuration.

DAX® Foam’s unmatched fire-hard properties reduce or even eliminate the need for heavy fire-blocking fabrics, reducing flammability certification risk over the life of the program. All DAX® Foam passes oil burn tests, and our integrated supply chain helps keep costs low.

Skandia ships with 99.8% on-time delivery.

Airplane Seats

Efficient Fabrication & Engineering

Our efficiencies are passed on to you

Skandia’s experienced engineers create advanced manufacturing capabilities that reduce weight, increase efficiency, and save money.

We can offer design and component engineering recommendations that reduce weight, and our nesting solutions minimize waste. You can count on our high volume and dimensionally accurate solutions to bring savings and reliability to your airline.

Advanced machining and modeling

Skandia’s five advanced CNC machines precisely contour, cut, and slice to tight tolerances. And with 3D Solidworks and rapid prototyping we can bring ideas from plan to completion faster than ever.

Our foam fabrication processes ensures complete and accurate products. With pre-cut foam waste and scrap is eliminated. Additionally, operators can increase throughput and reduce cycle time with materials that upholster easily. With Skandia’s foam selections you can reduce the use of unnecessary material like fire blockers – save weight, cost, and time.

Efficient Fabrication Foam Fabrication

Your Partner in Foam Design and Engineering

Skandia can take your vision beyond foam to include digitized patterning, kitting, and lamination services.

Our membrane seat concepts include Faux Leather laminated to foam on economy class seating that will give your passengers a high quality feeling with the durability and value your airline needs.

Cushion Cutout
Dax Foam Special Service

Reduce Risk with Skandia

In every facet Skandia is driven to increase value by eliminating risk. Products such as DAX® Foam offer unmatched consistency and performance, and our industry experts provide system recommendations to enable long-term program success.

Our quality assurance goes beyond standard requirements. All DAX® Foam is tested to 14 CFR 25.853(c) fireblocking, and Skandia quality certifications include AS9100, ISO 9001 and ISO 17025.

We are proud to have a 99.8% on-time delivery rate, and we offer same-day shipping.

Turn to Skandia for Expert Flammability Testing and Certification

With the highest FAA certifications and approvals, our trusted, highly trained technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment to satisfy all your flammability testing, engineering, conformity and certification needs. Our in-house staff of 5 DERs and 3 DARs have more than 120 years of combined experience with the authority to perform conformity inspections and issue 8110-3 flammability certifications. As proven industry leaders the FAA depends on our team through the Fire Test Working group. Plus, we hold approvals from major OEMs from around the world, including Boeing and Airbus.

Our full suite of services also includes toxicity testing, re-qualifying existing foam cushions with new dress covers, and test specimen fabrication and conformity inspection.

Heat Release

Skandia can assist your business with all FAA approvals, including:

  • 14 CFR 25.853(a) Vertical and Horizontal 12- and 60-Second Composite Panel
  • 14 CFR 25.853(c) Total Fireblocking Program
  • 14 CFR 25.853(d) Heat Release & Smoke Density
  • 14 CFR 25.856(a) Radiant Panel
  • 14 CFR 25.855(d) 45-Degree Angle Panel
  • 14 CFR 25.869 and 25.1713(c) 60-DegreeWire Testing
Flammability Testing
Flammability Testing

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