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Enjoying a Quieter Flight…

… starts by listening. We can perform an in-flight acoustical analysis of your cabin’s sound levels to customize the best solution for your aircraft. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, Skandia engineers will perform sound frequency tests on your aircraft’s unique acoustical signature while at cruise speed and altitude.

Data dictates design. Once the data is gathered, Skandia’s soundproofing engineers combine the latest technological advancements and innovation to reduce weight and maximize performance.

Each Skandia soundproofing solutions is an efficient system of materials incorporating damping, absorption and barrier materials to effectively treat all sound sources. Each application is engineered with proven and reliable materials, all delivered with flammability certification.

Customized Soundproofing Solutions

Everything you need for a quieter flight is in a single turn-key system with all the necessary soundproofing components for your aircraft whether a piston or a VVIP jet.

Skandia manufactures a comprehensive selection of aircraft thermal/acoustic materials including insulation strip blankets, overframe blankets and carpet padding. All our soundproofing solutions meet the radiant panel flammability test for Part 25 Aircraft, 14 CFR 25.856(A).

Skandia has complete soundproofing systems for more than 80 different aircraft.

A quiet aircraft means a quiet journey.

A quiet journey means you arrive fresh.

Quiet starts with Skandia.

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