Skandia Celebrates its Enduring Relationship with Bombardier Learjet as the Primary Seating/Interior Integration for the Lear 70/75

Nearly a decade and half ago Skandia was contracted to craft interior components for the Lear Model 45 and has grown to include the recently-certified Lear 70/75

Davis Junction, IL – Skandia, Inc., Vice President, Jarod Triplett announced the company’s long working relationship with Bombardier Learjet as the primary cabin seating/interior materials integrator now includes the recently-certified Model 70/75.

“Since the introduction of the Model 23 in 1963, every member of the successful Learjet lineage has become synonymous with speed, style, elegance and quality,” he said. “Everyone at Skandia is extremely proud to have helped Bombardier Learjet maintain and even elevate the quality, comfort and safety levels found in today’s Learjet cabins.” 

As Bombardier Learjet’s Manager of Supply Chain, Jonathan Harlan explained it, while the Skandia relationship began in 1999, it really got rolling with the introduction of the Model 60 in 2005.

“Skandia had been doing some very good work for us on the Model 45 and we thought we’d give them a try on our new Model 60,” he said. “The seats they produced were very well received. We thought, wow, these guys really do know what they are doing.”

“The services they provide for us today is quite unique in the industry,” Harlan said. “They’re sort of our seating/interiors integrator. We send them the individual aircraft’s design specifications and they purchase the seat frames, restraints and all the leather for the upholstery and interior.”

“When you realize how much attention a Learjet owner/operator is going to pay to the fit, finish and quality of their seats and interior, it really shows how much trust Learjet puts in what we can do,” Triplett said. “We are extremely proud of the level of trust that we have earned with Bombardier Learjet and all of our many long-standing clients. Trust is something you simply can’t buy.”

While there are obvious quality and cost-savings benefits to Skandia’s increasing role in the fabrication of Learjet seats and interior components, the relationship must continue to withstand periodic audits and reviews.

“When we did the design for the new Model 70/75, we did a thorough cost analysis of using Skandia versus doing the work here in-house,” Harlan said. “Through that detailed process we reaffirmed that we are continuing to get very good value from Skandia.”

While any business relationship that lasts nearly 15 years is commendable, it’s even more significant in the aviation industry.

“Things change so fast in aviation,” Triplett said. “Aircraft change. People come and go. It’s a very, very dynamic business. To me, that makes the relationship we’ve created with Bombardier Learjet that much more unique and noteworthy.”


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