EASA STC Added to Dassault Falcon 900 Series

DAVIS JUNCTION, IL September 1, 2022 –Skandia has received the EASA STC approval of an acoustic soundproofing kit for all variants of the Dassault Falcon 900 business jet.

This is the fifth EASA STC approval awarded to Skandia for a soundproofing acoustic solution. Skandia is the aviation industry’s acoustic leader, unmatched in the design and engineering of soundproofing enhancements for aircraft of all sizes and categories; up to heavy VVIP jets exceeding 100,000 pounds. 

Manufactured using the most modern and effective Skandia engineered soundproofing materials, the acoustic system offers Falcon 900 operators and passengers reduced cabin noise and increased comfort in all phases of flight.

In final testing, a significant overall sound reduction of 4dB(SIL) was achieved while some cabin seating areas achieved approximately 6dB(SIL) noise reduction. 

Installation of the kit is simple and straightforward due to the intuitive kitting process of materials by Skandia as well as installation instructions and guidelines. 

Skandia offers customers flexibility in their acoustic kit. Falcon 900 owners can select options of acoustic materials such as fuselage skin and floor damping, thermal acoustic insulation bags, over frame blankets and carpet pad.

There are over 500 F900 jets in all models in service today.

Tanya Morris, Regional Sales Manager of Skandia, sees a valuable opportunity for F900 operators. “The Falcon 900 is a great aircraft and owners see value in improving the quality of the jets long range capabilities. As owners look to improve their inflight experience, a turnkey Skandia acoustic kit is a terrific value. The system utilizes our most technically advanced engineering and modern materials to produce a very quiet result. We have created the system in a way that owner/operators can select how much sound performance they want to add based on their budget, or how much weight they want to use. It’s a smart that’s going to bring a lot of enjoyment to these fast aircraft, especially for long range trips.”

Skandia Acoustic System kits can be purchased directly from Skandia or through an MRO or completions center. 


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