Skandia Inc. Awarded Contract for Cirrus Vision Jet Cabin Acoustic System

Skandia, Incorporated has been awarded the contract from Cirrus to supply the soundproofing acoustic system for the Vision Jet.

The remarkable acoustic qualities of the Vision Jet soundproofing system were fully engineered, manufactured, installed and tested by Skandia during development. The soundproofing system materials supplied for production on the Vision Jets are also engineered and manufactured by Skandia.  

As the Vision Jet neared its final stage of FAA certification in late 2016, Cirrus was not satisfied with the acoustic quality of the aircraft cabin in a specific area of the flight envelope.

Contacting Skandia, Cirrus inquired if there was a solution that could improve the acoustic performance. Within six days, Skandia engineers developed, installed, tested, and had approval on an acoustics package that decreased noise level by 9.5dB at the aircrafts target altitude and frequency; a greater than 50% reduction.

Jarod Triplett, Skandia’s Vice President was pleased his engineering team was able to make such an improvement in the jets cabin acoustics. “Skandia has the finest and brightest team of acoustic engineers and soundproofing material manufacturers anywhere. We were asked to improve a specific area of acoustic concern and within just a few days we produced a total custom solution that addressed it, making the Vision Jet a pleasant and enjoyable cabin to travel in. We’re very happy for Cirrus in the successful development and certification of this visionary, personal jet aircraft. We are glad to be a part of moving it forward into production.”

For nearly 35 years, Skandia has been engineering soundproofing solutions for a wide variety of aircraft, offering turnkey acoustic solutions from piston to turboprop, jet and all the way up to Boeing and Airbus aircraft including the newest Boeing 737 Max and 787.

A true single source provider, Skandia designs and manufactures its own product line of acoustic materials for their soundproofing kits. Consultation and custom acoustic solutions for individual aircraft of any size are an area of specialization for Skandia.


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