Skandia Inc. Finalizes Soundproofing Acoustic Kit for Boeing 737 MAX 8 BBJ

Skandia Incorporated, an Illinois based aircraft acoustics engineering and materials manufacturing company, announces it has developed a lightweight high performing soundproofing acoustic kit for the 737 MAX 8 Boeing Business Jet (BBJ).

In addition to being the lightest kit available, it also achieves sound reduction performance that is unsurpassed.

Photo courtesy of Boeing

The turn-key acoustic kit comes to market after a two-year research and development program creating proprietary Skandia acoustic materials and installation techniques. The kit is universally approved and available.

The Skandia kit is not only the lightest high performing soundproofing kit available, it is also the easiest to install due to Skandia’s pre-formed materials packing and kit delivery program.

Kambiz Avval, Skandia’s Director of Business and Product Development, led the company’s R&D program that created the revolutionary acoustic BBJ kit. “We took a ‘clean sheet of paper’ approach to designing and engineering this kit for the 737 MAX 8 BBJ aircraft,” says Mr. Avval. “We understood weight savings was going to be the highest demand from operators…in addition to the obvious acoustics performance. So, we approached the design by implementing several proprietary and patent-pending Skandia soundproofing materials along with very specific placement throughout the aircraft. The results are quiet, high performing acoustic qualities at a weight far less than any other options.”

Jarod Triplett, Skandia’s Vice President, is pleased with his company’s latest offering to the VIP aircraft market. “This kit and the acoustic technology behind it is state-of-the-art. Not only do we achieve terrific acoustic quality, but we do it with a kit that weighs up to 500 pounds less than any other option on the market and has the easiest installation procedure. That weight savings can be directly converted to fuel savings, longer range, or more payload. It’s a win for everyone.”

During the Skandia research and development period, the proprietary materials and acoustic engineering was tested and validated. The 737 MAX 8 BBJ is Skandia’s latest acoustic offering to the Boeing BBJ line.

The Boeing 737 MAX line of aircraft are based on Boeing’s 737 -700/-800/-900ER Next Generation family. 737 MAX aircraft feature larger and more efficient CFM International LEAP-1B engines, split tip winglets and modifications to the airframe.


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